Wheelchair Ramp Built For Benson High School Student

Last week we told you about Tina Henderson's Christmas wish. She wanted a ramp built for her wheelchair bound son Keshon so he could leave the rehabilitation facility and be home with his family for Christmas.

Henderson thought with Christmas being so close there was not way it would happen. "I've called everybody to try and get one installed and there's time frames on those types of things," Tina told 6 News.

But, one group who knows Keshon well stepped up to make it happen. "You know, we only get them for four years. So, we want to do everything we can for them to help set them up," Benson High Principal Tom Wagner told 6 News.

The administration at Keshon's school came together Sunday to build a ramp that will allow him to come home. A gift to the Henderson's that some contractors told them would cost upwards of $20,000.

"It's just a small thing we can do. It's big for this family but we're looking at it like we're just helping out," Wagner said.

Through freezing temperatures and snowfall the group of four drilled and hammered, building a ramp that would let Keshon travel the 40 feet from his driveway to the front door.

"When one of them is hurting we try to help them out," Wagner said,

The money came from the high school's shop fund. Industrial technology teacher Tom Sibbitt said it was the right choice, and if they can't finish the ramp in one go, they'll be sure to get it done soon.

(Photo: 6 News)

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