City Ponders Future Of Scooters As Pilot Program Ends

The six month scooter pilot program is coming to an end in Omaha and soon city leaders have to decide if scooters will stay or go.

The city says they've seen 200,000 scooter rides since the pilot started and that's just one thing they have to consider. They'll also be evaluating data from scooter companies. This includes a number of trips, injury reports, tickets issued, daily use, and how far riders go. All of these will determine if scooters will stick around.

"It's pretty nice other than the fact they're just littered everywhere like you see them pretty much everywhere.. kinda like an eyesore," Daniel Gomez told 6 News.

As far as injuries go, Nebraska Medicine said in September they were seeing about two injuries per week, but police say in the last 5 months only three injuries have been reported. 6 News says a total of 120 warnings and tickets were issued.

With winter moving in both scooter companies say the scooters will be off the streets next week.

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