Update: Shots Fired At Omaha Convenience Store Clerk

Update: 26 year old Hassan Mahamed has been booked at Douglas County Corrections for Attempted Felony Assault and Use of a Weapon to Commit a Felony. 25 year old Fuad Burale was booked for Attempted shoplifting and False Information. The other two parties were interviewed and released. 

No one was injured after shots were fired inside the Midtown Gas and Grocery at 13th and Martha Street early Tuesday morning.

Officers spoke with an employee who said two men and two women entered the business around 3:20. One of the men tried to steal a case of beer. Police say the clerk deployed mace and the four left the store without the beer.

Police say one of the men returned and shot at the employee several times. The clerk was not injured.

At around 5:15 a detective saw the four approaching the Cubby's on south 13th Street and believed they were the same ones involved in the previous incident. Police were able to stop the four from entering the business.


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