Trail A No-Show In Courtroom Tuesday

The murder trial of Aubrey Trail continued today even though he was not in the courtroom. Yesterday, Trail created an outburst and cut his throat and was taken to a hospital .He was treated and released.

Ben Murray is Trail's attorney and says his appearance in court will be day-by-day. However, the trial will continue without his presence.

On Tuesday, the testimony focused on the location of Trail of suspect Bailey Boswell after the death of Sydney Loofe of Lincoln .A hotel clerk from Ames, Iowa said that both Trail and Boswell stayed there for three nights. They paid with a $100 bill .Jenny Bloom took a photocopy of it as she found that odd. A few days later she saw that Trail and Boswell were persons of interest in Loofe's murder. That is when Bloom called the police and that led to a search of the room they used and never returned to. Inside they found a duffel bag with a hat, adult toys and maps.

Boswell and Trail posted two videos online and the FBI were able to trace the IP address to a burner phone that was found at another hotel in Branson, Missouri. That led to their arrest on November 30th at that hotel.

FBI Agent Dana Kreeger stated they found items that appeared the two were planning to camp like heavy work boots, winter clothing and granola bars. They also found several bags of plastic drop cloths inside their vehicle.

Information provided by 10 11 NOW KOLN-TV.

Photo courtesy of KOLN-TV


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