Trump Signs E-15 Legislation In Council Bluffs

President Donald Trump signed the official paperwork today putting the new E-15 rules into effect.This was done after a visit to the Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy Ethanol Plant, or SIRE, Tuesday afternoon.

Air Force One landed around 2:45 p.m. at Offutt Air Force Base.He then headed to Iowa to tour the plant that produces about 110 million gallons of ethanol each year.After the tour he addressed a crowd and focused on the importance of the passage of the E-15 legislation that makes that ethanol blend available year-round.

President Trump also talked about trade and says great strides are being made.Trump said, "We are still working on China.Japan is going to be a big buyer very shortly.They told me the other day they will be buying a lot of product from your farmers and a lot of other places.They are starting to come in and they are starting to come in very big."

President Trump also praised farmers and thanking them calling "farm country is God's country."

After signing the new E-15 rules, President Trump again boarded Air Force One and headed to West Des Moines for a GOP fundraiser.


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