Iowa Officials Keeping Close Eye On Missouri River, I-29

Two weeks ago I-29 reopened from Glenwood, Iowa to Kansas City, much to the delight of drivers who had to take detours to get where they were going. With flood waters still close to the interstate in some areas and a forecast that calls for several days of rain, some are concerned that the interstate might flood again.

With multiple levees damaged along the river it could take a lot less to see the water rise. Austin Yates with the Iowa Department of Transportation tells 6 News if the water does reach the road, there are several steps they will take before closing the interstate for a second time, from closing a single lane to moving traffic head-to-head.

"We know how critical this freight movement is on I-29. We won't hesitate to close it. Safety is number one. However, it is not a decision we would make lightly to close it, but that is definitely something that if we need to, we will," Yates says.

He says he's seen floodwater in some places drop several feet in the last 24 hours. "Maintenance crews are out patrolling it constantly, keeping an eye on everything. We're keeping an eye on things remotely as well as in person," Yates said.

IDOT, the Army Corps of Engineers and the National Weather Service said they are working together to continue monitoring water and the road and to keep drivers safe.

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