Humane Society Reminds Dog Owners To Not Leave Them In Hot Cars

With the arrival of summer-like heat in the metro area, the Nebraska Humane Society is reminding dog owners to not leave them unattended in hot cars.

Spokesman Mark Langan says on Wednesday they received numerous calls of dogs left in hot cars. "We got there in time to save the dogs and the owners came out. We either cite owners in situations like that or educate."

Langan says each year the Nebraska Humane Society receives hundreds of calls about dogs left in hot cars at shopping centers, grocery stores, and various other locations.

"Today's supposed to be 95 degrees so I'm really concerned about people leaving their dogs in cars, even for 10-15 minutes," Langan says. "I don't want to have any dogs in distress or any dogs die in this type of weather."

Langan says leaving your pet at home is the best option. He says call 911 if you see a dog locked in a not vehicle. In addition to possibly being cited, animal control officers could confiscate the dogs.


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