Highways 36 / 31 Intersection A 4-Way Stop

There will be big changes at the Highway 31 and 36 interchange. Both are very busy roads due to the March flood. With still many roads closed, Highway 36 is a main route to Fremont and Valley.

There is now a four-way stop at that intersection, which is new for those who travel east and west on Highway 36. That was a straight shot for years but with increased traffic on Highway 31, changes were made.

The problem now is that many people are running that stop sign making driving conditions dangerous.

Truck driver Bill Armbrust tells 6 News, "There are a lot of folks running this thing daily, of two, three times a day that aren't going to notice the stop sign. There needs to be flasher or somebody out here for a few days."

To improve safety, a flashing red signal has been added along with a message boards on Highway 36 warning of the stop ahead.

In June, the four-way stop will be replaced by a roundabout.

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