Bluffs Police Release More Details In Monday's chase, shooting and crash

Council Bluffs Police released the name of a teenager who died after being shot Monday afternoon at South Main Street and 9th Avenue as 18 year old Ethan Edgar of Hutchinson, Kansas.

The investigation is ongoing but police believe that the owner of a black 2009 Nissan was with several friends searching for the vehicle that had been stolen in Omaha. They had received information that the vehicle was in Council Bluffs and had been spotted at several locations.

Edgar was behind the wheel of the stolen Nissan that was parked on a lot at a gas station when it was spotted by the owner's friends who were in two separate cars. One of them was a blue Honda Civic and it pulled directly in the front of the Nissan and the other car, a silver Toyota Camry pulled directly behind it, blocking the Nissan in.

Edgar was alone in the Nissan when he put it in reverse, hit the gas and rammed the Camry. Edgar was able to keep going when a person in the front seat of the Camry fired several shots at the Nissan through an open window.

The three cars rammed each other several times and the person in the Camry fired additional shots at the Nissan.A total of twelve 9 mm casings were recovered at the scene.

Edgar was able to drive the Nissan off the gas station lot and headed north with the two other vehicles close behind.Edgar lost control at South Main Street and 5th Avenue and hit a tree.He was taken to a hospital where he later died.Edgar had been hit by gunfire twice, once in the back and again the right thigh.

Those inside the two other vehicles remained at the scene and were taken in for questioning.After reviewing the evidence with the County Attorney's Office, it was decided that no one would be immediately arrested. That evidence will be presented to a Grand Jury to determine if the male who fired the shots, 25 year old Jonathan Echtinaw of Omaha, will face any criminal charges.


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