Douglas County Deputies Opt For Different Ride - BMW's

Douglas County Sheriff's deputies will soon be patrolling on motorcycles.

Sgt. Tim Owens tells 6 News, "We kind of started from scratch. It's been about a six-month process to look into and do our research and come out finally purchasing the motors."

Sgt. Owens says they are getting more requests to work triathlons, road races, dignitary escorts and special events where cruisers and large trucks are not practical.

Sgt. Owens and Deputy Jeremy Welsch just completed the required motorcycle training on Friday.

They will be patrolling on new BMW's that were selected for their standard safety features. This has been a six month process for Sgt. Owens and Deputy Welsch who will join about 40 other members of law enforcement on motorcycles statewide.

The bikes still need to be detailed so Sgt. Owen and Deputy Welsch will hit the streets on May 15th.

Photo courtesy of WOWT 6 News.


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