Speeding Car Slams Into Omaha Home

The front half of a house near 141st Avenue and Grant is gone after a driver crashed through the home Wednesday evening.“I was just sitting in my car on my phone. Next thing you know, something is flying over my car,” resident Raelynn Eason told 6 News.

She had just returned home from work, but before she could get out of her car, another one launched over her head. “Until I got out and actually looked, I realized that someone crashed into my house,” she said.

Steve Frey was walking on the sidewalk when he saw a car speeding around the slight bend in the street. “Came around the curve and hit the side of the tree and took off; went over the car and hit the side of the house and spun,” he told 6 News. “The whole house is missing on the left side."

Looking back at what's left of the place she's lived in for 15 years, she hasn't thought about what comes next. Neither the driver no anyone in the neighborhood were hurt.

Police are still trying to determine what caused the driver to lose control.


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