Special Speeding Enforcement Ends With 1,000 + Citations

Omaha Police have been busy trying to put a stop to speeding on city streets. The Traffic Unit wrapped up a grant on Tuesday, April 30th that focused on speeding. A total of eleven operations took place throughout the city during the month of April. That resulted in 1,022 citations issued.

Out of those:

705 were for speeding

102 for seat belt - child restraint violations

167 for no registration or insurance

68 for driver's license violations like under suspension or none at all,

17 were for DUI

5 for warrants cleared.

The Omaha Police Department wants to continue to inform the public that speeding is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to crashes. In twelve out of the 37 fatal crashes investigated by the Omaha Police Department in 2018, speed was the primary cause factor.


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