Two Men Stabbed On Iowa Side Of Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

Council Bluffs Police say two men were stabbed after taunting and assaulting a third man on the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge Monday night. Police and fire personnel were called to Council Bluffs side of the bridge around 7:00 and found 19 year old Ronald Buchanan of Council Bluffs and 27 year old Tevin Vanderpool on the ground bleeding from their abdomens from a pucture wound.

Officers also found 27 year old Andrew Poeckes still at the scene and learned that he had stabbed both Buchanan and Vanderpool.  Poeckes told police he was walking across the bridge from Omaha to his home in Council Bluffs when he saw Buchanan and Vanderpool being loud and aggressive and attempting to start fights with other people on the bridge.

He told police Buchanan and Vanderpool made derogatory comments at him and then began to follow him. Poeckes says at the bottom of the bridge Buchanan and Vanderpool began punching him in the face and pulling on his clothing.  He was able to pull out a small folding knife and stab each man one time each in their abdomens.   

Several witnesses in the area said they saw Buchanan and Vanderpool assaulting Poeckes and that he swung back at them to protect himself.   This case remains under investigation, but investigators say indications are that Poeckes was acting in self‐defense. 

Assault charges are pending against Buchanan and Vanderpool, who remain in the hospital. Poeckes was treated at a Council Bluffs hospital for facial injuries and released after being  interviewed.   

Detectives are interested in speaking with any other citizens who were on or near the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge Monday evening who may have witnessed anything relevant to this case.  Call 712‐328‐4728 if you have any  information.    



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