National Infant Immunization Week Is April 27 - May 4

Public Health has a history of successful life-changing initiatives and one of the best is the story of immunizations.

“All of us have benefited from the success of vaccines in reducing the threats posed by life-threatening infectious diseases,”said Dr. Adi Pour, Douglas County Health Director. “The current measles outbreak in the United States shows just how easily these diseases can make a comeback if we fail to stay current on recommended vaccinations.”

Infants do not have a fully developed immune system to protect themselves. That means the adults who care for them must help by keeping babies away from people who are sick and make sure family and friends wash their hands before holding the baby.

They also should get the infant in for check-up visits on time. An important part of these visits is making sure the children receive the immunizations that will start protecting them from the once-deadly diseases.

Take this week to make sure your children are vaccinated against the measles and other dangerous diseases. Even if your child has had one dose of the MMR vaccine, it may be time to get a booster shot. One dose is not enough.

The Nebraska State Immunization Information System (NESIIS) is another important tool. NESIIS offers individuals the opportunity to have personal access to their immunization records. Private physicians have the opportunity to enroll their patients. For answers to your questions about NESIIS, call 888-433-2510.

“Please plan to get your child vaccinated,” Dr. Pour said. “It’s the right thing to do.”


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