Flooding Destroyed Another Mobile Home Park in Sarpy County

The Sands Trailer Park along the Platte River in Sarpy County will have to be demolished. Residents had until April 15th to gather their belongings. The park contained about 40 homes.

Sarpy County Sheriff Jeff Davis tells WOWT 6 News, "There's no use for them at this point. They're uninhabitable. The county says they're uninhabitable. There's obviously all kinds of bio-hazards involved, so they'll have to go." Davis has been patrolling the park watching for looters.

Some of the residents say they want to bring in new units once the site has been cleared. Davis says that has not yet been determined. He says the owners of the trailer park are working with FEMA and Sarpy County to come up with a demolition plan.

Photo courtesy of WOWT 6 News.


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