Residents Of Paradise Lakes Told To 'Move It Or Lose It'

The deadline for Paradise Lakes tenants to get everything out of their flood damage homes has arrived. Residents have been told to move it or lose it. "I just want it all to be over so I can go and I'll be so glad when it's done,” resident Carl Pender told 6 News.

The Bellevue community was hit hard by the disastrous March floods. Sunday was the last day the neighbors were allowed to see their homes. A Facebook message from Paradise Lakes alerted residents they had until 8 p.m. on Easter Sunday to remove everything from their homes.

"The water came in, picked up everything in each room, swirled it around for that five or six days that the water is up and then when the water went down it dropped it wherever it was,” Pender says.

He was able to salvage belongings hanging above five feet from his flooded floor. The rest will have to go. A letter obtained by 6 News tells a pair of residents, any hope of seeing their deposit or paid rent goes if the debris doesn't…and tack on a four-figure property removal fee.

"I didn't get anything,” Pender says. “I haven't heard anything from the Helms at all." Howard and Lindsay Helm are the property managers at Paradise Lakes. "The Helms dropped off the face of the Earth.” Pender says.

Pender and his wife are staying at an apartment in Papillion for the next 14 months.


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