Supplies Are Available To Those Cleaning Up Pacific Junction

Mills County Emergency Management announces the availability of bottled water, clean up supplies and personal protective equipment to assist Pacific Junction residents in clean-up operations. Water, supplies and equipment is available at the Pacific Junction Fire Station located on Main Street. Residents will be required to provide the last 4 digits of their FEMA number along with name/address/phone to check out certain equipment and to obtain boots. Members of the Pacific Junction Fire Department will be operating this site for the next few days to assist residents as they begin clean-up.

Gross Rapid Hazard Assessments have been completed on all structures in the community. These assessments are initial assessments only and do not constitute building or electrical inspections. Street lights are restored in most areas, however, no electricity has been restored to homes. To assure security, entry to the City continues to be limited to the South side via 195th Street. Law Enforcement remains present in and/or around the community 24/7. Contact Illinois Bible Baptist group for assistance with clean-up, 712-520-5222.

Residents are reminded to wear proper protective equipment such as water tight boots, cut proof gloves and N95 masks to assure their safety. Please use caution as you begin to assess and clean-up your properties. Flood waters are dangerous, and personal protective equipment is required. No open burning is allowed. Debris should be placed at curbside and separated into the following categories: Garbage - Household Waste - Appliances/Electronics/Tires - Scrap Metal - Tree Limbs and Trimmings (Vegetation).


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