Paradise Lakes Residents Have Until Sunday To Clean Out Belongings

Residents of Paradise Lakes have until Sunday to remove their flood damaged belongings.The owners say access to the community will be shut down at 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Residents of the 250 mobile homes are showing their frustration.Kayla Lickly tells WOWT 6 News, "Where am I going to put it? I can't take it to a dump, it's contaminated."Her home is unlivable and most of her furniture cannot be removed.

Residents that don't clear out their homes face losing their deposit.In Lickly's case that is $1,700.She also says the landlord notified her they will charge residents $2,000 to do the job, which amounts to the deposit and pro-rated rent.

Even Bellevue Police are having a hard time contacting the owners.

Residents say the emails have gone unanswered and the only contact they have with the management is through a post office box.

Photo courtesy of WOWT 6 News.


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