Omaha Woman Murdered One Year Ago Remembered

The pain remains for the family of Kaviaun Nelson, one year after her murder. Nelson was shot and killed in the parking lot of the Walmart in northwest Omaha last year.

On Thursday night balloons were released, not to celebrate her life, but to remember her. Charles Nelson is Kaviaun's father. Hours before the balloon release he was in the Douglas County courtroom for the trial of her accused killer, Marcus Wheeler.

"Whatever judgment comes upon him it could never be enough. Yesterday he was able to see his daughter while he sat in the courtroom. My daughter cannot come to see her son," Nelson told 6 News.

At the balloon release, family and friends told stories of Kaviaun. "Daddy daughter days, that's where it was at. I can't wait till we get to have another one,"

As the trial continues for Wheeler, Nelson wants the maximum sentence handed down by the judge. "Things are coming along, the court is moving along we just are hopeful that the judicial system is able to uphold itself and we get a conviction," Nelson says.

(Photo: 6 News)


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