Omaha Ties To Mueller Report

The Mueller report says WikiLeaks exploited theories about the murder of 27 year old Seth Rich of Omaha.

Rich was shot and killed on July 10, 2016 outside of his Washington D.C. home.He was a staffer for the Democratic National Committee and has been part of the conspiracy theory that he was involved with stolen emails published by WikiLeaks. Some suggested his death was a cover-up.

While Rich's murder remains unsolved, authorities believe it was a robbery gone wrong.

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb told 6 News, "We finally had an official government report that clearly said it was not Seth Rich that leaked the information from the DNC and that is was, in fact, it was a hack by WikiLeaks and Russia."

Rich's family continually denied the conspiracy theories.They have filed lawsuits against some who claim that Rich was the WikiLeaks source or that his brother, Aaron was somehow involved.

You can see more on the Mueller Report by clicking here.

Photo courtesy of WOWT 6 News.


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