Landlord Registry And Inspection Ordinance Signed By Mayor Stothert

The deadline for Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert to veto the Landlord Registry and Inspection Ordinance was at the end of business today.In the end, Stothert and City Council President Ben Gray announced a compromise to the ordinance that passed on April 9th.

Stothert was against the initial 10 year inspection period and asked for that to be changed.The Council had agreed to the registration and the inspection on non-compliant units with code violations effective January 1st of 2020.The amendment changes the effective date to 2022.

Stothert then signed the ordinance.

The City's Planning Department will oversee the process and will stagger the inspections.In a 10 year period. Every registered rental unit will be inspected once and there will be a 15% random sampling of multi-family units to be inspected once in the 10 year period.If code violations are found, the owners will have the opportunity to make the needed repairs under the current code.if unresolved, the property will be inspected each year.

Stothert says over the next two years they will be able to focus on non-compliant landlords with unresolved code violations.


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