Hemp bill would allow farmers grow the new crop.

A hemp bill is moving through the Nebraska Legislature could mean big changes for farmers looking to grow the new crop.

Opponents of the bill are worried that legalizing hemp production would be the first step in legalizing marijuana, but supporters say that's not true. "Hemp is not in any way, shape or form associated with THC. It's just a fiber. A material," supporter Cindey Schwieger told 6 News.

"I love it. It means more ag, which we are known for," Chris Schwieger added. Cindy and Chris Schwieger are fans of Sen. Justin Wayne's bill. The measure advanced on Monday in a 77 - 4 vote.

Bill Achord, the president of the Nebraska Hemp Association said he believes hemp would give farmers a cash crop and help any suffering small-town farmers. "These little towns aren't doing well. I think it would revitalize main street Nebraska. It can keep family farms in place. We are losing family farms so fast," he told 6 News.

According to the North America Industrial Hemp Council, marijuana has a THC content of 3% to 20%. Industrial hemp has a THC content between 0.05% and 1%.

Under the bill, hemp would not be considered a controlled substance. Hemp serves many purposes. It can be used in clothes, medication, cosmetics and even concrete.

"I think if people would educate themselves, it would be a great tool to find out what it actually is and how it can benefit our state," Cindey Schwieger told 6 News.

The bill would require the product to be tested to make sure it doesn't go over a 0.03% THC content.

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