Kerrey Withdraws As Creighton Commencement Speaker

Creighton University President Daniel Hendrickson says Bob Kerrey has rescinded his acceptance to speak at the University's 2019 commencement next month.

Kerrey's decision to cancel came after the executive director of the Nebraska Republican Party objected to his appearance at Creighton because of his pro-choice voting record while in the U.S. Senate.

In a letter Reverend Hendrickson said he appreciates Kerrey's "desire to not have the focus of the day shifted away from our students" and said Creighton will welcome Kerrey to its campus as a speaker in its presidential lecture series this coming autumn.

Kerrey told Hendrickson that “commencement should be a moment of celebration and not disrupted by politics.” Kerrey also said “my son is one of your graduates, and I feel a deep indebtedness to Creighton for the good you have done my family.”

Bob Kerrey


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