Nebraska And Iowa DOT's Provide Damage Briefing

Nebraska and Iowa Department of Transportation officials met in Council Bluffs today to provide a briefing on flood damage and repairs.

Nebraska DOT Director Kyle Schneweis says the state is looking at about $100 million in damage on state roads and another $60 million at the local level.There are about 32 miles in the state that remains closed due to the flooding, down from 3,300 miles immediately after the event.

Schneweis says the pavement on Dodge Street dropped three to four feet and that stretch but is hopeful it will be reopen to traffic by June.Another big concern is Highway 75.That roadway is taking a heavy load now due to detours.

Another issue facing Nebraska is the blizzard in the western part of the state.Schneweis said, "It's something we're all holding our breath on."

On the Iowa side of the river, DOT Director Mark Lowe says there is significant damage to Highway 34 and it will require extensive reconstruction.There are also areas between I-29 and Nebraska City that is still underwater however the damage may not be as severe.

Lowe is hoping that I-29 will reopen in June.


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