UNO Students On Alert After Elmwood Park Sexual Assault

UNO’s Department of Public Safety is urging students and staff to be on higher alert after a warning was issued Tuesday afternoon about a sexual assault that happened in Elmwood Park around 6:30 Saturday night.

The incident happened near the swimming pool. One student told 6 News a lot of students who commute to class park in the area and make the walk up a couple of hills to get to campus, and the proximity of the attack is frightening.

"It's nerve-racking for me just to know that there's a big possibility for it to happen again," student Amanda Hostert says. "Oh my gosh, it's really scary that it's so close to campus," Hostert told 6 News after receiving the notice.

UNO officers were notified of the assault by Omaha police. "We just want to make sure that they're safe and they're aware of any potential dangers that happen either on-campus or close to campus," Assistant Chief Michael Murphy with UNO Campus Security says.

Walkers and joggers also use the park, and students often walk in the area listening to music or looking at their phones.

"Since I am here around six o'clock, like when it happened, I wasn't as scared walking around but now I'm kind of like, more on alert," Hostert said. "I just hope in the future we don't have to worry about this kind of stuff."

Campus security said they are unsure if the victim or suspect are connected with the university. Public Safety officials encourages anyone with information about this incident to call Omaha Police, and if you observe any suspicious individuals in the area of Elmwood Park to please call 911.

The department also shared these safety tips:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid parking in isolated areas.
  • Stay in well-lit areas and on populated pathways.
  • Travel in groups; there’s always safety in numbers.
  • If you observe anyone acting in a suspicious manner, or if you feel threatened in any way, call the police immediately by dialing 911.
  • More information about campus resources for safety, security and support can be found on UNO’s website.


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