Mayor Stothert Vetoes City Council's Rental Inspection Ordinance

After months of debate, the Omaha City Council voted Tuesday and passed the rental housing inspection ordinance.The ordinance includes mandatory inspections of all rental property every ten years.

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert then announced she would veto the plan.

In a statement sent out Tuesday afternoon, Stothert stated:

"Required inspections every 10 years will accomplish nothing, and actually is an acknowledgment that the compliant, well-managed rental units are not the problem. Why would we spend time, personnel and taxpayer money on good, compliant landlords?"

Mayor Stothert also stated the ordinance would require adding five housing inspectors to the city's payroll totaling $595,000.Her two-step plan would adopt a program that would inspect units with code violations only and another for units that with no complaints.

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