Man Sentenced For Providing Alcohol To Teen Prior To Deadly Crash

A man has been sentenced to a year in prison for providing alcohol to a 17 year old prior to a crash that claimed his life.

Kevin Hart was arrested in November. The case was connected to the traffic accident that took the life of George Gervase of Elkhorn. Gervase died in October. Police said he was going so fast on 192nd Street near Pacific, he lost control of the vehicle, crossed the median, sheared off a wooden power pole and hit a pine tree.

The high school junior died at the scene. Hart worked at the Kwik Shop at 156th and Blondo. Prosecutors said the alcohol that George Gervase had been drinking prior to the fatal crash had initially been provided by Hart.

Prosecutors said two teenage boys who sold the alcohol to Gervase were booked and released to their parents. They also say that this incident was not the first time Hart has sold alcohol to minors.


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