Homeowners Receiving Snow Shoveling Bills From City

The heavy snow from this past winter is long gone, but homeowners are frustrated because they are now receiving big bills from the City of Omaha for not getting sidewalks cleared in a timely manner.

The City of Omaha requires snow to be shoveled 48 hours after a snowfall. One man has to pay $1,600 in 30 days or a lien goes up against his rental property, and he said he and his tenants received no warning.

"$1,600 is ridiculous. I could hire a 15-year-old to scoop this all year and it wouldn't be $1,600 bucks," landlord Aaron Hueftle told 6 News.

Hueftle rents out a home and has cleaned the sidewalk there plenty of times. "I can tell you maybe it takes an hour or two if you decide to take a break to scoop that. At that rate, I am getting charged over $800 an hour, which is absurd," he says.

Hueftle said he didn't receive a notification and neither did his tenants, just a bill from the Public Works Department.

"At which if I don't pay this within 30 days they attach a lien to the property so I will have a lien against property for that $1,600 bill until this protest happens," he said.

Hueftle said that had he been notified, he would have cleared it himself. Many other protests have been filed by homeowners. One bill is nearly $8,000 and another was $4,000 according to 6 News.

"At the end of the day, I'm stuck with a bill with absolutely no notice and idea it was about to happen," Hueftle says.

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