Police Checkpoint Dropped At Green Acres, Paradise Lakes

Authorities say that as of 11 A.M. Thursday the police checkpoint to Green Acres and Paradise Lakes had been removed. The Nebraska National Guard will also discontinue service at the checkpoint.

The security and controlled access to the housing developments will be turned over to ownership. Bellevue Police say that they will respond to any calls for service in both locations.

Green Acres has fenced off the uninhabitable portion of the development. Barricades will be placed at the entrances to Paradise Lakes due to the fact that all homes have been declared uninhabitable.

Any further requests for access from the public should go through the ownership of Green Acres or Paradise Lakes. The city reminds people that both locations are still highly contaminated and personal protective equipment should still be used when entering the area.

In addition, Harlan Lewis Road has reopened southbound from Paradise Lakes to Highway 34. This is in conjunction with Sarpy County and NDOT opening Highway 34 eastbound from Harlan Lewis.

City officials say American Heroes Park has reopened, but Haworth Park remains closed and will remain so for the foreseeable future.


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