Nebraska Receives $25 Million From U.S. DOT To Repair Roads

The U.S. Department of Transportation has announced that Nebraska will receive $25 million in relief funds to help repair roads damaged by flooding. The money comes from the Federal Highway Administration.

“These funds are an important first step to helping Nebraska recover from the widespread damage of last month’s historic flooding,” says DOT Secretary Elaine Chao.

To date, 69 of the state’s 93 counties report substantial flood damage. State officials estimate nearly 190 highway miles need significant repair, as well as 27 state bridges with damage, including seven that will need major repair and six that must be entirely replaced.

The $25 million in “quick release” funding will be used to pay for the repairs done to restore essential traffic and prevent additional damage at locations impacted by severe flooding, and support efforts to restore traffic and open routes for medical and food supplies for people and livestock.

“The severe flooding caused widespread damage to the roads and bridges Nebraskans rely on every day. I’m grateful to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao for making $25 million immediately available to our state for critical infrastructure repair," says Senator Deb Fischer. "These additional resources will help with rebuilding, relief, and recovery during this tough time for Nebraska.”


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