Family And Friends Remember Camisha Hollis One Year After Her Disappearance

It has been one year, two days and what feels like countless hours since Omaha mom Camisha Hollis went missing last Easter. Still no signs of Camisha, who seemingly disappeared without a trace.

On Tuesday, friends and family gathered to remember Camisha on the anniversary of her disappearance. Her mother, three daughters and sister gathered at Benson Park to release balloons in remembrance of their lost loved one.

Martha Hollis consoled her granddaughter, the oldest of her missing daughter's children. "It's going to be okay. It's going to be okay," she said, cradling the girl. "Not hearing from Camisha for a year and not knowing her whereabouts, it was pretty hard."

The 34 year old mother went missing in a cloud of unanswered questions.

"Dear mommy, we haven't seen you in a year now and you've been gone for that long," Hollis' daughter said at the gathering.

Camisha disappeared after an alleged domestic dispute with her boyfriend, 36 year old Marvin Young. Police found blood and shell casings at the scene, but Camisha was nowhere to be found. Her mother told 6 News that her daughter was violently abused throughout her eighteen year relationship with Young.

Both those who knew Hollis and those who didn't continue to search for her. "We're going to find her and we're going to bring her home," Jennifer Hulett told 6 News.

"I still go different places...Bellevue, all over. Just look and still posting about Camisha on Facebook and talking about her and keeping her name out there," the heartbroken grandmother said. "No one gave up."

The group sent balloons up to the skies, in hopes they will reach Camisha Hollis and she will be found. "Try to come back. Even if it's a century," her daughter said.


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