DeSoto And Boyer Chute Wildlife Refuges Remain Closed Due To Flooding

Due to the recent flooding and the resulting damage to refuge roadways and infrastructure, DeSoto and Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge remain closed to all public use. Officials say water remains high on the refuges, portions of roadways and trails. 

The refuge also has damage to sections of roadways, which make most of the refuge inaccessible. The DeSoto Visitor Center was not impacted by the flood, but the entrance road to the parking lot was washed out making the Visitor Center inaccessible until the road can be repaired.

Officials say the refuge closure includes delaying the start of the pubic use season on DeSoto, which typically begins April 15th.  Until conditions improve and repairs can be made, DeSoto will remain closed to all public access including the Archery Turkey Season, fishing, mushroom hunting, hiking and biking. 

The refuge lands and visitor center will reopen to public use when conditions allow.

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