Boyfriend Of Missing Woman To Stand Trial For Child Abuse

Monday marked one year since Camisha Hollis disappeared without a trace and still, there has still not been one charge in the Omaha mother's disappearance.

Hollis' boyfriend, and father of her three children, Marvin Young was arrested on child abuse charges around the time of her disappearance, and now it is has been ruled that he will stand trial. Young is accused of drugging his daughters with cough medicine the night their mother vanished. Police say one of the girls spit the medicine out and heard her mother and Young arguing and that the argument turned violent.

Investigators found shell casings and a woman's blood at the scene, and the disappearance has been classified as a homicide, but no charges have been filed.

In a new review conducted by forensic psychiatrist Dr. Klaus Hartmann in February, it is believed Young has the capacity to stand trial. Hartmann said he reviewed phone calls between Young and his mother, which showed the defendant to be polite and deferential to the mother.

The doctor also wrote that Young sounded reasonable, sensible and responsive to what she said and that he displayed sustained, adequate attention and his response to his mothers' questions were right on target. When asked, Hartmann also said Young showed a clear understanding of the charges he faces and the judicial process.

Hartmann said he believes Young has the minimum level of intelligence necessary to grasp events taking place. The new findings are a vast contrast to an evaluation conducted by another doctor in December, who said Young suffered from Schizophrenia.

There is no word yet on a trial date.

Meanwhile Camisha's family still has questions. Her mother, Martha Hollis, told 6 News that she believes Young was involved. “Within the 18 years they was together, it was always domestic violence. In my head, I'm thinking he had a major role with Camisha's disappearance."


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