Police Investigate String Of Weekend Shootings

Omaha Police are investigating after a string of shootings over the weekend.

In the most recent incident, nineteen year old TKhee Paw was sent to Nebraska Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries after she was shot near McMillan Middle School Sunday afternoon.

It was the fourth instance over the weekend where gun shots were fired and it has police searching for answers. "It is concerning for us,” OPD Lt. Jennifer Russell told 6 News. "What can we do to address the problem?"

Omaha police officers were called to the school near 38th St. and Redick Ave. around 4:00. Police say three black males approached a vehicle parked in the school's west parking lot. "The driver and passengers were told to get out of the vehicle. They did not comply with that and one of the male parties shot at the vehicle. A female inside the vehicle was hit by gunfire,” said Lt. Russell.

Paw was transported to the hospital with a bullet wound in her leg and the three suspects were last seen southbound on 37th St. It's the city's third shooting in the same number of days. Friday night, a thirteen year old boy was shot walking into a home near 48th St. and Spaulding St.

31-year-old Antonio Sargent was taken to the hospital after being shot near 20th St. and Grace St. before 9:15 Sunday morning. "If there's a link we'll figure it out,” said Lt. Russell.

Police can't confirm if there is a link between these three shootings and another gunfire incident near 56th St. and Jaynes St. Sunday morning, but admit the uptick in violent criminal activity this weekend is cause for concern "Just the fact that we do have three shootings in three days...we want to ensure that we are addressing any concerns that are out there,” said Lt. Russell.

Police gave were given a brief description of the three suspects in 38th St. and Redick Ave. shooting from witnesses: one wearing a black sweater, one wearing a red sweater, and one in a blue sweater.

The victim's family told 6 News that the victim, her younger sister and her boyfriend were all three in the car. They were going to a nearby house for a birthday party.


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