Green Acres, Paradise Lakes Residents Allowed Limited Access

Bellevue officials say all remaining residents of Green Acres and Paradise Lakes are now being allowed to retrieve personal belongings from their flood damaged homes.

The only exceptions are 3510 Hancock (Paradise Lakes) lots 7 - 12, which are still surrounded by water. The residents of those lots will be notified when the water recedes enough to allow entrance.

Homes marked with "DANGER" placards have been deemed uninhabitable and residents will not be allowed inside.

Residents will need to go to the Bellevue City Offices of Permits and Inspections at 1510 Wall Street to sign a release for a Limited Entry Permit. These documents will be needed in order to get through the checkpoints at the entry of all neighborhoods affected by the flood.

Once the permit is secured, access will be allowed between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.


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