Residents Of Chris Lake Remain Optimistic Through Flood Cleanup

Residents of Chris Lake understand it's important to help your neighbor during the long process of flood cleanup.

Chris Lake resident Marie Losole tells 6 News, "That is what we have seen. That even neighbors who were hit slightly, not as bad as we were, they checked their homes once, they found out what damage they had, they said, 'Let us come and help you."

Losole and her family have lived in the community for fourteen years and with everything out of place from the flood, home has a different meaning for now. "I had to pull the drawers out right away because they were getting warped. The water level was up to here."

Despite the loss, Losole finds time to laugh.

A pile outside of the home was once cherished belongings, now destined for the dump. "We thought never in a million years would it come up this high. We thought we were safe."

Through the hardship, the Losoles are thankful for community. "We appreciate all the work you do with the SID and helping our your fellow community here."

Losole said while belongings may be lost, the memories remain.

"As my grandson said, who is six, oh the memories... 'Oh, Nona. I have $120 saved in piggy to help pay for the cabin.'"

Rebuilding will take a while, but Losole said she knows what to do. "Give thanks to God and ask for strength and pray for everyone who is in worse shape than we are."

(Photo courtesy of 6 News)

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