Deputies Arrest Two Men For Stealing Items Swept Away In Flood Waters

Two men are behind bars after being caught stealing items that had been washed away during the recent floods.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office says around 4:45 Sunday afternoon, deputies responded to a disturbance in the area of 252nd & State Street. When the deputies arrived on scene, they met with the victim and others who were holding Bruce Sturzenegger and Brett Hopkins.

The victim stated that his neighbor found the pair dragging 40 foot roofing trusses, that the victim had identified as his, out of a wooded area. The trusses had been washed away from an area north of the call location, with the victim aware of the location of his property, but had not been able to retrieve them yet.

Sturzenegger and Hopkins were booked on felony theft charges and impounded the suspect’s silver Dodge Ram along with a red tractor that was used in the incident. Items found in the suspect’s vehicle included a pair of bolt cutters, five iPads and iPhones, eight power tools and a number of other miscellaneous items.

Anyone having more information about this case or these suspects is encouraged to call (402) 444-6000.


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