Residents Affected By Flooding Hope To Be Reunited With Their Pets Soon

Devastation ran deep for pet owners hit by the flood as countless people were separated from their animals during evacuations.

Maricela Roja could not contain her emotion when telling 6 News about her family's dog Yati. “I wish I had him with me." In the chaos of evacuations, Roja did everything she could to keep Yati safe. That meant separation, and like so many pet owners impacted by the flood, it was breaking her heart.

"He's my baby, he's always around me and I know he's crying a lot,” Roja said through tears. She and her family were staying at the Red Cross shelter in Elkhorn, where pets are allowed, so she hoped to see Yati soon.

The shelter at Elkhorn Middle School was one of the shelters the Nebraska Humane Society was providing supplies to -- and support for the animals -- shaken by the event.

"We're trying to make it as positive of an experience as possible,” Christina Ferency, a behavioral specialist at the humane society said. “We’re keeping foot traffic to a minimum and giving them things like peanut butter Kongs for a more positive association."

The humane society took in more than 40 four-legged friends and critters displaced by the flood, a number they expect to rise as waters recede. They are asked for donations of crates, leashes, collars, towels, food and water bowls.

"If people want to donate those we're happy to try to get those out to the folks who need them the most,” Pam Wiese, V.P. of public relations at the humane society said. “If we can utilize them here, for the animals here we'll utilize them here. If we can utilize them on a rescue we'll use them as we're going out in the field as well."

(Photo courtesy of 6 News)


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