Lincoln Officials Remind Residents To Cut Back On Water Usage

Officials in Lincoln are again reminding residents and business owners that their water usage needs to be reduced while they address flooding issues in the city's wells.

Police in the Capital City say they have received numerous calls regarding water restriction violations. Most of the calls involved stand alone car wash stations, but officers were also called out for automatic sprinklers running and for someone washing their car in a driveway.

Officers responded and educated the business owners and citizens about the restrictions. No citations have been issued at this time.

The restrictions were put in place on Sunday and officials say the mandatory restriction will be in place for a few more days as the city deals with flooding at the well fields in Ashland. Residents are required to cut their water usage by 50%, while businesses and institutions were ordered to lower their water consumption by 25%.

Lincoln Police will hold an informational meeting Tuesday night for residents who have more questions.


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