State Patrol Says 'Mission Complete' After Convoy Makes Journey To Fremont

A convoy has successfully made it in and out of Fremont to deliver much needed supplies as Nebraska remains awash.

The Nebraska State Patrol shared video on Twitter overnight.

The National Guard, Department of Transportation, and Hy-Vee all contributed to the operation: eight truckloads, much of it food donated by Hy-Vee, to feed those at the three shelters there. Two tankers carrying fuel were in the convoy as well.

Troopers thanked everyone for their help and stamped the video with the message "Mission Complete."

As of Monday morning, 53 counties and 54 cities have issued disaster declarations, including Omaha. Eighty-four soldiers are expected to be deployed for traffic control Monday to free-up state troopers for flooding relief.

The many roads that have been closed down will not reopen until infrastructure is inspected. Officials are also trying to figure out how to get to food to stranded and trapped animals as the mortality rate for livestock has skyrocketed.

Bryan Tuma, Assistant Director of NEMA, has asked all emergency managers to get an estimate on damages in the next 24-hours so they can write impact statements to the feds to expedite major disaster resources with FEMA. Nebraska National Guard Adjutant General Daryl Bohac will talk with the Cooper Nuclear Power plant first thing Monday morning to see if they're needed to help sandbag from the rising waters of the Missouri River.

Governor's team encourages anyone who is able to get back to their home at some point to take photos of damage, understand insurance and get information in for possible federal assistance. Get carpets, furniture and other items out of house since mold can develop in 24-48 hours. Beyond that - clean and disinfect everything.



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