Pilots Help In Getting Supplies To Fremont

As hundreds remain stranded in areas cutoff by floodwaters, local pilots are stepping in to help get supplies to victims of last weeks devastating floods.

"I thought, you know what, I have my time. I have an airplane. I can go help out." Pilots, like Adam Liston, spent their weekend helping out however they could.

Liston tells 6 News that he had planned to spend his weekend away from the cockpit of a Delta Airlines 747 and on the ground. That was until heavy waters flooded Fremont. "I felt helpless because Fremont is an island, so I offered my services as a pilot."

He rented a passenger plane from Millard Airport and took off from the tarmac early Sunday morning, making round trips to Wahoo and Fremont, and back. Liston did that more than a dozen times. "Every plane was full with either people or supplies or both," he said.

Each trip saving friends and neighbors who weren't lucky enough to make it out like his family did, bringing many to dry land and helping feed and clothe even more.

But he's not the only one in on the air support. "Flying in and out of Millard all day. Flying in supplies, flying people out. Just one of many of the pilots who were out here doing the same thing,” said volunteer, Fred Marez.

Planes lined the runway at Millard, powered by pilots looking to offer aid during this state of emergency. "They just felt empowerment to help their community out," Liston said.

"We take care of our own," Marez said.

Liston was able to fit three passengers from Fremont in his plane for each trip, and said he plans to make more rescue flights on Monday.


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