Glenwood Residents Ordered To Reduce Water Usage

Residents of Glenwood, Iowa are being ordered to reduce their water usage as the Glenwood Municipal Water Treatment Facility near Pacific Junction is taken off-line due to floodwaters.

Electricity to the facility has been shut off as the rising water is quickly encroaching on its electrical infrastructure. Residents are being asked to cut water use by at least 50%, and postpone laundry and dish washing. Residents should also refrain from watering lawns, washing cars and performing other high-volume water activities.

Glenwood Municipal Utilities says that their current water storage facilities have enough water to serve its customers for approximately two days with unrestricted use. Water conservation by customers will help to extend this period and reduce potential shortages and further restrictions as it is not clear at this time when the facility will be up and running again.

The restrictions affect the following areas: City of Glenwood, Pony Creek area and Lake Ohana area. Residents with questions or concerns regarding water usage can contact Glenwood Municipal Utilities at 712.527.4868.


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