Stiff Fines For Flood Zone Violators In Mills County

Mills County officials have approved penalties for anyone who violates mandatory evacuation and curfew orders. Violations may result in a county infraction, punishable by civil penalties in the amount of $750 for the first offense and $1000 for a second or subsequent offense.

There are now multiple levee failures south of new Highway 34 and water continues to overtop in this area. There is ongoing water accumulation and movement on the west side of I-29 up to just south of Allis Road. The east side of I-29 has water encroaching from the south with water reported up to Highway 34.

On Sunday afternoon the mayor of Pacific Junction issued a mandatory evacuation for all residents of the town living west of Depot Street. Water is rising and the structural integrity of the containment system could soon be lost. Gas has been shut off to the entire community and electricity shut off to the west side of town.

Volunteers successfully filled 10,000 sandbags for use by public entities to ensure infrastructure stability. The Grace United Methodist Church at 112 N. Walnut in Glenwood, is providing meals for all volunteers, workers and residents affected by the flood.


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