Residents Of King Lake Rescued

As water continued to rise Friday morning, their family members waited for word about their loved ones trapped by the flood. Some in western Douglas County waited hours for their loved ones to be rescued from King Lake in the Valley area.

High water moved in early Friday morning and began to separate the lake from the rest of the area. People were told to evacuate, but some did not heed the warning. Janessa Zucweiler waited outside of King Lake for first responders to rescue her father starting at 4 a.m.

"He's on the highest spot in King Lake in there. He's still about a foot underwater in there," Zucweiler told 6 News. First responders called in a Blackhawk helicopter to help rescue her dad and others trapped by the flood. Zucweiler said the first rescue attempt failed.

"He came out with the first responders with a fire truck, I believe and they just got stalled in the water and they've been sitting on top of their truck and my dad's dog is in the truck so they've just been waiting, waiting and waiting," she says.

A large military vehicle eventually pulled up with Zucweiler's dad inside. After many hours of waiting, the two finally embraced. "I just went in to get my dog last night, a bag and eat and it was dry and the water moved in that quick that I couldn't get out," Jim Bonar told 6 News.

Bonar and his dog, King headed to Zucweiler's home in Omaha after a long day. First responders from Valley and Waterloo helped with the rescue efforts.

(Photo: 6 News)


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