Helicopters Brought In For Dramatic Water Rescue Of Stranded Firefighters

As flood water rose across eastern Nebraska on Thursday, rescuers became the ones who needed saving. Just after 9:00 Thursday night, seven firefighters plunged into the icy waters of the Elkhorn River when their boat capsized during a rescue operation.

The firefighters from Fremont were out on the river in an attempt to save a family from a home that's basement had collapsed. Once the boat capsized, other agencies quickly moved in to rescue the stranded first responders. Crews from Arlington, Waterloo, Council Bluffs and the Nebraska State Patrol moved in on the capsized boat.

Two Blackhawk helicopters were dispatched to not only get the firefighters out of the water, but to help the family trapped in the crumbling home. The operation was a difficult task as rescuers battled high winds, rushing water, cold temperatures and the pitch-black darkness of night.

After being in the water for over an hour, all seven firefighters were rescued out of the water, but when the helicopters went to assist the trapped family, they refused to leave.

You can read through the entire ordeal, which was documented by the Omaha Scanner Twitter account as it unfolded.



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