Platte River Ice Jam No Longer A Concern

Papio NRD officials say they won't need dynamite after all to break up an ice jam on the Platte River at the confluence with the Elkhorn River.

General Manager John Winkler says initial plans to dynamite the ice jam were halted Thursday morning due to bad weather.

Winkler says they then discovered they wouldn't need explosives at all. "At first daylight we were able to get out on some of the levees and some of the bridges and it appears the Platte River ice has flushed itself out. It looks like Mother Nature took care of it for us," Winkler says.

"Now we can focus on making sure all of our levees perform the way they were designed and built and making sure we can keep people out of harms way."

Winkler says they are also turning their attention to the flooding on the Missouri River, which he says could approach 2011 levels.


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