Contractor In Medically Induced Coma Following Construction Accident

More information has been released about the construction accident that sent two men to the hospital on Monday. Contractors were reportedly working on an apartment building near 48th and Dodge when a boom lift came into contact with a power line.

The men injured when the boom hit the electrical lines were identified as 25 year old Alex Cooper 33 year old Freddie Maldonado. A witness told officers that arrived on the scene that when the boom truck made contact with a power line, Cooper was ejected from the basket and fell about four stories to the ground. Maldonado was on the roof and tried to help Cooper, which led to minor burns and injuries to his hands.

Cooper is being treated for burns and a head injury at St. Elizabeth's in Lincoln. He is currently in a medically induced coma and is still listed in critical condition. Maldonado is reportedly in fair condition.

The police report states that the men were working for Ronco Construction at the time of the incident.


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