Car Thief Suspect Arrested After Pretending He Wasn't Involved

Lincoln Police didn't have to look far to arrest a 19 year old accused of stealing a vehicle. Last Friday just before midnight, a 17-year-old reported he left his Chevrolet Impala running and unlocked when he went inside the Casey’s near 48th and Adams.

The vehicle was stolen and a short time later an officer spotted the car wrecked near West Hughes and West Craw. A man was observed getting out of the driver’s seat and running from the scene.

Officers set up a perimeter while they searched for the suspect. That's when police say 19-year-old Austin Baldwin approached a perimeter officer while pretending to be not involved. He was out of breath and asked why all the officers were in the area.

Baldwin matched the description of the person observed running from the car and the person observed in video stealing the car. The K9 tracked the exact path Baldwin ran and officers were able to match his shoes to the prints in the snow.

Baldwin was arrested for theft, driving under suspension, and careless driving.


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