Bellevue Woman Thanks City Crews And First Responders With Pizza

It's not easy to find a way to thank the dozens of plow drivers, first responders and city personnel who have been battling the relentless snow to keep citizens safe, but one Bellevue woman wanted to show her gratitude in some way.

On Thursday, Laura Rodgers thanked Bellevue Public Works crews, along with the Police and Fire Department, for their hard work during the recent blizzard with the help of some pizza.

Rodgers got on Facebook and started a fund-raiser to collect money to buy lunch for all City of Bellevue personnel working in the snowy conditions while protecting the people of Bellevue. She set a goal of $500 and raised the money within a day.

Thanks to her efforts, and the generosity of some Bellevue residents, a pizza lunch was served to all of the city employees who battled, and continue to battle, the seemingly never-ending bout with winter.


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