Widow Speaks Out After Husband's Killer Is Found Guilty Of Murder

It's been a long year-and-a-half for Ivonne Womack, waiting for justice for her husband's death.

She found it inside a Douglas County court room Wednesday. "We wanted justice for him, and that's what we got," said Ivonne Womack, 32 year old James Womack’s widow.

Womack finally reached some closure knowing the man who killed her husband is headed for a cell. "I'm just glad he's going to get what he's going to get. What he deserves."

On Wednesday, Michael Benson was convicted of Second Degree Murder and other charges in the shooting death of James Womack in September 2017.

Police say the two got into a road rage incident near 60th St. and L St. and Benson fired three shots killing the truck driver. "It's something that will never go away, but we have to work on ourselves and do the best for myself and my kids," said Womack.

Ivonne sat in the court room as a jury read the verdict she was hoping to hear. Moments after the decision she turned to Benson and wasn't surprised by his demeanor."He didn't show any remorse or any affection or anything."

Womack and her three kids can now leave this worry behind them with the possibility of Benson living out his life behind bars. "That's what he deserves. What he had done, take somebody else's life, and think that he was going to get away with it...he deserves to be where he is so we can have some closure."

Ivonne Womack tells 6 News she and her kids have been taking therapy lessons and they're all doing much better since James’s death.

Benson faces a sentence anywhere from 20 years to life in prison.


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